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Adrian Torrijos is an actor/director. Born in Tenerife, Spain. Adrian started studying acting at the age of 20, later graduating from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a major in Drama and Arts Theatre. During those years, he co-founded the theatre company Los Muycerables, and cut his teeth working on local theatre, film and TV productions.

In 2013, he relocated to London. Since then, Adrian has appeared several films and differents projects, a variety of theatre productions, and has developed a career as an active director, and has produced three of his feature films.

Now he is based in Spain, looking for new and exciting opportunities.




2012 - The Birkins - Chloe (Music Video)          Lead Actor                       Director: Coré Ruiz  – VicioClip Productions

2012 - Ansite (Bentejui)                                     Supporting Actor             Director:Armando Ravelo – Indómito Productions

2013 - Un, dos, tres, pez                                   Lead Actor                       Director: Cristina Sainz – (Student) Short film


2013 - Miradas                                                  Scriptwriter and Director: Adrian Torrijos (Short Film)


2014 - Raphael                                                  Lead Actor                       Director: Carlota Hernandez (Awards Jameson Film Festival)


2015 - Space                                                     Lead Actor                       Director: Uyi Agbontaen – Let's Make a Scene productions


2015 - The Generation of Me                            Lead Actor                       Director: Aman - Let's Make a Scene productions


2015 - #Twombie. Webserie                              Founder and Director. Ongoing project

2016 - Distracted                                               Lead Actor                       Director: Elizabeth Bricknell

2017 - Peterloo                                                  Background Actor           Director: Mike Leigh - Producer: Film4 Productions

2017 - Mamma Mia 2                                         Background Actor           Director: Ol Parker - Producer: Universal StudiosPlaytone

2018 - La Viajante                                              Background Actor           Director: Miguel A. Mejías

2019 - Wasp Network                                        Supporting Actor             Director: Olivier Assayas - Producer: Rodrigo Teixeira

2019 - Mariposas                                               Lead Actor             Director: Andrea Zoghbi (Awards Palma Rueda Short Film Festival)


2010 - present

2010 - present


2010 - 2013 - Los Muycerables                           Co-Founder and Lead Actor            Cabaret and clown theatre Tour

*(Awards. Premio Groucho. Best Comedy of the year. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria university.)

2012 - Opera. Cosí Fan tutte                               Supporting Actor. Body Actor            Director: Nacho Cabrera. - República Teatro


2012 - La Úmbria                                                 Main Actor: Demetria                        Director: Rafael Rodriguez - 2RC Teatro


2013 - Opera. L'Occassione fa il ladro                 Supporting Actor. Body Actor           Director: Nacho Cabrera. - República Teatro


2013 - Romeo and Juliet                                      Character: Mercucio                         Director: Carlos Belda


2015 - Strawberries in January                            Character: Francois                          Director: Eleonor Henderson - City Academy

2018 - ImproCuento                                             Main Actor                                         Improv Children Comedy

2018 - Impro Canarias                                         Main Actor                                         Improv Comedy Company

2018 - ImproCuento Navidad                               Lead Actor                                        Pantomime Christmas Show. Director: Mingo Ruano

2019 - El Rey Zolito                                             Main Actor                                        Director: Efraín Martín

TV / Web / Commercials / Others

2012 - Interactive game for Winston                     Lead Actor                                      Director: Francisco Castellano - Philip Morris

2016 - Manoto TV                                                 Art Department Assistant                Production: Project X        

2016 -  Job and Talent  (Commercial)                  Supporting Actor

2016 - Manoto TV                                                Assistant Director                            Production: The office


2016 - Tu si Que si (Spain Talent Show)              Support Actor                                 Show for the final of Fredy Beats

2017 - BBC Learning                                            Lead Actor                                      Two short films for a BBC project.

2018 - Sofar Sounds                                            MC speaker                                     Various Gigs, concerts around London

2018 - Kalise Spots                                               Actor                                               Summer Commercials

2018 - Love Island                                                Support Actor                                  Norwegian Reality Show

2019 - PeaceMaker (TvShow)                             Small Role                                       Director: Aj Annila


2009 - 2013 - BA in Drama (Four years course) Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain


2012 - Improv. course.  Director: Miguel Rabaneda.Spain. Madrid

2014 - Acting Course in City Lit. London

2015 - Thursday Theatre Company Course - City Academy. London



Special Skills

Body Actor. Mime skills.                                             Comedy Roles.

Juggler.                                                                      First Aid Certificate.

Urban dance.                                                             DBS certificate.


Stage Fights and Combats.                                       Languages: Spanish, Italian and English.



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